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Book 2 – Mr. Sandwich

Author: Little Emperor
Format: PDF
Age range: Children from 3-4 years old
Mr. Sandwich is available in the following languages:
English, English-French, English-Italian, English-Spanish, English-Vietnamese, English-Chinese, English-Germany, English-Japanese
Coloring Book – Mr.Sandwich 
Summary :
Meet Mr. Sandwich, David and Katie’s new friend. You can make your very own Mr. Sandwich for lunch as well!

David and Katie meet a new friend Mr. Sandwich in this exciting book. Mr. Sandwich loves healthy food so much he is made from it! He has orange carrot hair, a bright cherry tomato nose, a cheesey face. Mr. Sandwich turns David and Katie in to little chefs, showing them how to make their own yummy and healthy Mr. Sandwich for lunch. Mum explains why sweets and chips should only be eaten occasionally. Mr. Sandwich teaches them why healthy foods should be eaten everyday!


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