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Products for Little Emperors

Formulated Specifically for Each Age Group

  • From the first year onward: Special chewable softgel capsules or twist-off/squeezable softgel capsules using patented technology: During this period the little ones cannot swallow tablets or capsules yet, so we have designed our products so that they can be mixed with their food or drink, squeezed directly into their mouth or can be easily chewed. While these products have great taste; they are also attractive with their appearance, smell and use 100% natural colourants.
  • For bigger kids: capsules that can be easily swallowed. Products in this range come in several forms that are easy to swallow, including softgel capsules, small easy-to-swallow capsules or capsules that can be opened and placed into food or drink.

Formulated Specifically for Different Developmental Needs

  • During the very early stages of life, our brain, eyes, bones and teeth undergo the majority of their development, which slows and even stops by the time we reach adulthood. It is also the period when the immune and digestion systems are weak and vulnerable, as such small kids are very susceptible to being sick with different types of infections and tummy problems.
  • This period also offers a unique window of opportunity to optimize the structure and function of organs and systems, so they can operate at their full potential. Once this developmental window is over, it is very difficult to change or improve how the body’s systems are structured and operated. For example, it is easier for a child to learn a foreign language than an adult. Ever wondered why some people are never sick or have broken bones. The variance in immune and bone strength of adults is determined by the degree of development during this window of opportunity.

    Little Emperor presents in this section products for our Little Emperors’

    • Brain health, Cognitive and Mental development
    • Bone, Teeth and Muscle health
    • Immune health
    • Digestion health, and
    • Nutrition & Energy.

Products for Mums and Mums-to-be

Formulated Specifically for different stages

  • We present herewith health products for sexual wellbeing, conception and fertility health, the increased demand for nutrients during pregnancy and breastfeeding; and life after birth. All of them are designed to give mums the best health condition to cope with the big tasks of developing their Little Emperors.

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