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The Kennedy Family

Meet the Kennedy Family.

Dad/Mr Kennedy

Mr Kennedy is a busy man who works in the office all day. When Mr Kennedy is at home, he enjoys telling David and Katie fun stories about dragons and fairies.

Mum/Mrs Kennedy

Mrs Kennedy is a very caring woman. She enjoys cooking yummy, healthy food. Every night she reads stories to David and Katie before bed time.

David & Katie



David and Katie are twins. Although they share the same birthday, they are quite different. David is very sporty and likes numbers. Katie has a big imagination and loves reading. They both like to help their parents around the house with chores such as cleaning and packing up.


Zac is the youngest member of the Kennedy Family. Being a young baby, he can’t say or do much. He enjoys listening to Katie’s singing and David’s story telling. When Zac is hungry, he cries loudly for everyone to know. Most of the time, Zac likes to sleep quietly in his bedroom.


Sam is the cute family cat. He likes to play with David and Katie around the house, especially in the garden.

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